I Ship You Not

The social science polymath Richard Rosecrance, in his book The Rise of the Trading State, stipulated the existence of “two worlds” of international relations: a land-based world in which states fight over territory for power and a sea-based world in which states prosper peacefully through international trade.  Despite the imperfection of this theoretical model, Rosecrance was … More I Ship You Not

Scrambling for Africa

Last night, I had the supreme honor of getting to watch “The Chinese Restaurant” episode of Seinfeld while eating takeout – the leftovers from which I am eating right now for lunch – from a local Chinese restaurant.  It was pretty amazing.  To keep the theme going, I have decided to write about China today. In … More Scrambling for Africa

Welcome to my blog!

Despite my previous somewhat unjustified aversion to the practice, I have decided to start a blog.  In particular, I have decided to start a blog on world politics.  My decision is certainly not a market-demand-driven one, as there are likely several blogs out there – some of which I infrequently peruse – that attempt to … More Welcome to my blog!