Welcome to my blog!

Despite my previous somewhat unjustified aversion to the practice, I have decided to start a blog.  In particular, I have decided to start a blog on world politics.  My decision is certainly not a market-demand-driven one, as there are likely several blogs out there – some of which I infrequently peruse – that attempt to discuss and/or analyze the events going on in the world.  However, my hope is that I offer a perspective that provides some useful insights into the world events and situates these events in a broader context informed by theory and concepts in international relations.  In that sense, this blog’s philosophical and analytic approach to digesting the events of the world is largely informed by my interactions with students in the classroom – an environment where theory and practice coexist rather well relative to other environments.  So, I intend to leverage my pedagogical approach toward the provision of an insightful and hopefully interesting take on contemporary events in world politics to what I am sure will be a rather intimate audience, whose task will be to discern whether or not I have fulfilled such a lofty intention.  As such, I look forward to being humbled by others.

I am quite a fan of portmanteaus, and the title of this blog follows suit – being an amalgam of myopia (short-sightedness) and a francification (mostly for pronunciation reasons) of politic.  This title is meant to convey my claim that the practice of politics is often conducted based on short-terms interests and calculations and my hope that the discourse that ensues herein will serve to militate against the deleterious effects of such an approach by placing the issues of the day within a broader, theoretical, long-term context.

This is just an introduction post, and I am going to let it lay in isolation as such.  The topic of interest that had originally prompted me to begin this pseudo-journalistic endeavor – the Greek Debt Crisis – will take the spotlight in my first substantive post… tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Getting me to read something non-sports-related is more challenging than solving the Greek debt crisis itself, so I have full faith in your ability to come up with a dynamite post- and blog in general.

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  2. Bags – Thanks for checking in. I hope my words justify your anticipation.

    Rods – I do think Angela Merkel should prepare a plan to bail you out of sports-only reading consumption.

    Also, I like the trend of the “J (insert monosyllabic abbreviation for last name here)” template for comment monikers. I may consider making that a requirement…


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